Extra Extra Luck

Extra Extra Luck is a slot game that exists in a couple variations due to it's initial success. Three reel mechanical games, Keno, and a mobile version. At it's inception the game's direction revolved around a mascot character that symbolized "luck". I handled the character's design and animation exclusively from the start.

Character sketches - some more jokey than others :)
Final in-game art that featured him on a small LCD screen. The character came to be named "Shammy" internally since he resembled a shamrock. Though there was much debate whether or not a shamrock and a four-leaf clover are the same thing.
A still from one of Shammy's unused animations.
What he looked like in in a three reel mechanical game.
This is the flow chart I made for the programmer to help explain how all his animations would work. This kinda stuff can be mind numbing when trying to visually explain things, but it's oddly satisfying in that everything is accounted for and there is meaning to the madness - ha!
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