In my level designs I built things around a unit of measurement which seemed to make the most sense for an arena based brawler.
concept for a "rooftop fight."
Billy's house front (stage 1)
Billy's house rear (stage 2)
sketch and final illustrations for character load screens. Dig that 4:3 ratio!
Thumbnails and sketches for level-themed load screens.
Each character had a "super move" where a powered up still would fly across the screen in a moment of anticipation. This was Grim's. The PS2 didn't have a lot of texture memory so a full screen image this size wasn't working. The solution was to have a modeler rebuild the poses in flat 3D shapes where 3D data was much smaller like vector art.
Mandy's 3-hit combo.
There was a misconception that simple flat cartoon characters are easier to pull off in 3D, but I beg to differ. Often times things need to be round and organic and 2D use a lot of tricks/shortcuts to imagine the shape of a character. It was a unique challenge.
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