Characters I designed and animated for Jackpot Block Party. The ones in color made it in the game.
Sketches and final in-game symbol art.
Bonus game pick screen and themed elements.
Exploded view of the "Cop" character. Each character in a Jackpot Party game plays a randomly selected line of dialogue when they crash your "party" and end your game. Eight characters with four lines of dialogue equals 32 unique animations with lip sync. I loved it as dialogue really helps define the personality of a character in animation. It was a lot of work but my team was happy to help.
This was an emo character that hit the cutting room floor.
I've had the delicate honor of caricaturing multiple CEO's as "The Boss" character in the tradition of Jackpot Party games. I was prepared for wrongful termination if the suits didn't have a sense of humor ;-)
Purely a concept piece for a banked game that involved a mechanical claw that would pluck a physical present from a rotating pile to reveal your win on a computer screen. I don't question the logistics, I just try to sell the dream - ha!
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