First Person Rambling!

I like to draw and animate.  I like shapes and design.  I enjoy process even more.  Mix in a nostalgic love of cartoons, toys, and video games, and it's easy to see how I've become the professional boob I am today ;-)

I've worked for a handful of start ups and game companies in the Chicago area since 2000.  I freelance on occasion, I enjoy sharing and mentoring, and I'm passionate about leveraging artists' strengths.  I celebrate both ends of the bell-shaped curve when it comes to art so both the "good" and "bad" can inspire me.

Outside of work I'm constantly inspired by movies and games.  There's always a gallery piece to finish or a new project that needs starting.  I am an indoor kid turned adult and have been known to moonlight as an extrovert on occasion.

You won't find me on Facebook or Twitter but feel free to drop me a message to chat me up about animation, Skeletor, pizza, bunny rabbits, or anything orange!

Thank you!
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