Can't you just imagine these guys having fun at your expense in a slot game?
Shades of Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
These images were concepts for a "giant colossus character".
Game assets I created for an unpublished iOS game developed with friends.
I was never a fan of wrestling per se, but I like the showmanship and characters and bright colors so I probably should be.
At some point Hasbro revised their style guide to include a 3D Mr. Monopoly as part of their new branding. We had worked on many Monopoly games where Mr. M was always 2D so I pitched this look to Hasbro (based off their 3D model) to maintain some of the 2D appeal we liked. Hasbro approved and I led a small team to animate him in a 30 second attract sequence (Flash and After Effects). Later I discovered a competitor using my exact art to advertise a different Monopoly game online. I assume this art was adopted as part of Hasbro's style guide and shared with other clients who happen to be our competitors. Stealing is the sincerest for of flattery I hear.
Simple logo exploration like this is often the foundation of a good design. Balancing line, shapes and space.
I like the idea of mascots in games. Something to brand the game for players ("Oh I like that little owl game!") and become the anchor for design (colors and interface are themed around the character rather than the other way around).
Just a fun idea skewing the art/character towards an Asian market that is more open to "illustrated characters" as discovered by testing.
"Hot Hot Penny" got a design facelift from another artist but I rigged and animated her in After Effects. The fire was a particle system that took a good deal of testing.
Colorful Luchadors I pitched as part of a game design.
Racoon bandits.
I redesigned some classic characters for a new "Reel 'Em In" game
I don't do backgrounds all that often but I enjoy 'em when they're more graphic in design. I created this in Flash - a tool I love both for animation and general vector illustration.
Early villain concepts. I still like the thought of a game designed to make you feel like you're winning often and an annoyed monkey/mascot character desperately anticipating you to lose very soon.a
The Slurms MacKenzie of slot machines.
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