I did this for a Mega Man tribute book but it wasn't selected for publication.
One 1x1 Lego Bricks were used and special ordered from an E-Bay-like community of Lego fans selling pieces.
I dissected the pixel art of the character select screen and figured what it would take to assemble modular plates. I designed the middle plate to be interchangeable with a smaller 32x32 plate - the perfect size for most sprites or tiles in old video games.  But when it came time to mount it on my wall, I scrapped that idea in favor of something more flat and stable.
Each "plate" took me 3 hours to assemble with a magnified print out as my blueprint.  It was a great activity that kept me busy during football games on Sunday afternoon.  With 16 games a seasons in a regular reasons and 16 plates it worked out perfectly.  Of course there was plenty of time planning and ordering pieces. 
My sister helped with the photoshoot for the first image posted here. I had recently moved so planning to mount this on my living room wall coincided with some general remodeling.
Finished!  Now for sure no girls will be visiting!!
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